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Six hours of incredible music for concentration and studying

We’ve often received feedback that the music we write is really conducive to working, studying, and focusing. So we decided to been explore other music from a wide variety of artists and bands whose output has also be described as concentration music. This is a bit of a different article, and we’re not going to dwell extensively on each album or release – rather, we want to let the music do the talking.

As always, you can listen to the playlist on Spotify, and this time round it’s a six-hour extravaganza of concentration music. It features over thirty different musicians, whom we have listed below – you can find out more about them by clicking on them.

Listen now (Spotify)

What is concentration music? Do a Google search and you’ll get a whole load of different definitions! From our perspective it’s calm music that focuses, rather than distracts. The kind of music you can happily have on in the background without getting drawn into it – you won’t find heavy drum-based tracks or uptempo orchestral scores in this selection. At the same time, we feel there should still be enough interest to stimulate thoughts and inspire creativity, so strictly ambient / drone tracks are out too! Hopefully you’ll feel the balance is a good one, and we’d love to hear what you think about this collection of concentration music! Leave a comment below or let us know on Facebook! Have any suggestions for other music to include? We’d love to hear them too.

Concentration music featured in the playlist

Here is the wide spread of music featured in the playlist, with a short comment about each:

The Album Leaf (The Sailor) – Calm, organic and atmospheric.
Aphex Twin (Aisatsana [102]) – Minimalistic piano explorations.
Bethel Music (Interludes from ‘Without Words’) – Instrumental, inspiring, and inherently positive.
Carinthia (a selection of music from his two albums, as well as some music released as Daniel Jorgensen) – Nature-inspired, evocative and reflective. Also featured in our meditation music playlist.
Ceeys (Without Shelter) – Nostalgic and beautiful modern-classical music from this Berlin-based experimental duo.
Dustin O’Hallaran (An Ending, A Beginning and We Move Lightly) – Minimal yet stunningly beautiful piano-focused compositions.
East Forest (Limitations) – Organic, uplifting, and reflective.
The Echelon Effect (Tracking Aeroplanes) – A inviting, enjoyably meandering and organic journey.
Esbjörn Hazelius (Fenix) – A concentrated slice of Swedish folk nostalgia.
Faodail (Patchwork) – Evocative and atmospheric Scottish ambient music.
Fragments (Echoes) – Minimalist, developmental, and full of intrigue.
Gidge (Fauna, Pt 1)- Orchestral and creatively atmospheric music from northern Sweden.
Goldmund (Threnody) – Calmness, openness, and focus: perfect music for studying by Keith Kenniff (Helios).
Good Weather For An Airstrike (selection) – Slow moving yet organically evolving.
Helios (selection) – Masterful use of evocative ambience alongside guitar and piano motifs.
In Cathedrals (Reverie) – Constantly developing reverb-filled guitar swells.
Itoku (IIII) – Mesmerising and nostalgic.
James Newton Howard (I’m Listening) – Sad, yet subtly hopeful.
Jóhann Jóhannsson (a selection from The Theory Of Everything soundtrack) – Minimalist and positive concentration music.
Jon Hopkins (selection) – Stunning soundscapes surround beautifully simple organic motifs.
Juan Maria Solare (Siesta Norteña) – Experimental and evocative piano composition.
Kye Kye (Celeste) – Haunting synths envelop a background of evolving strings.

The rest of the concentration music selection is continued below…

Julien Marchal (Insight XX) – Piano composition of the highest order.
Kyle McEvoy (Serendipity) – A light, positive, developing guitar-based composition.
The Last Dinosaur (Gusts Of Wind Blowing In Different Directions) – Atmospheric and organic.
Library Tapes (Fragment II) – Experimental, light tones with a hints of a serious backdrop.
Lowercase Noises (Silence Of Siberia) – Encapsulates the location perfectly.
Message To Bears (Closed Doors) – Field recordings meshed with simple organic motifs and melodies.
Nil Ciuró (Airam) – Nostalgic, soundtrack-esque piano instrumentals.
Nils Frahm (Some and Ambre) – Reflective piano pieces with a hopeful streak.
Ólafur Arnalds (selection) – Haunting Iceland-inspired neo-classical compositions
Parachute Band (Consecrate) – Calm, positive, focused, and affirming.
Paulette Wooten (Peaceful Reverse) – Minimal, evocative, and concentrated.
Peter Sandberg (Borrowed Peace) – Beautiful and relaxing Swedish piano composition.
Port Blue (selection) – Owl City’s ambient alter-ego. Also featured in our meditation music playlist.
Random Forest (First To Wake and Leaving Safe Places) – The best in atmospheric rock.
Rhian Sheehan (Sileo) – An inspiring journey through nature and sound.
Salt Of The Sound (selection) – Reflective, atmospheric and intriguing: great music to study to.
Sleeping At Last (selection) – Exceptionally evocative instrumental compositions.
Slow Meadow (A Farewell Sonata) – Slightly experimental, and wonderfully creative orchestral music.
Tony Anderson (selection) – Beautifully crafted and calm, yet eminently cinematic.
Vlor (Pale Lights) – At dusk, by the camp fire, a meandering guitar.
Western Skies Motel (Migratory Birds, Whirl) – Minimalist guitar-based atmospheric compositions. So great to see that Western Skies Motel is getting the recognition his music deserves on Spotify!
Where The Good Way Lies (A Faint Small Spark) – Beautiful, reflective post-rock soundscapes!

posted by Ben Tatlow on January 3, 2017 in Inspiration

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