Licensing Salt Of The Sound music


All of our music is available for licensing. Salt Of The Sound songs are entirely original compositions written, recorded, and copyrighted by Anita and Ben Tatlow.

You can license our songs for online and digital video usage through various online licensing platforms, including:

Quantum Music Licensing
Triple Scoop Music
Zudo Music

Our music is also available via the subscription licensing website ArtList

Different tracks are available on the various platforms, so do check all of them if there is a specific track you are after! Alternatively, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with licensing any of our music.

Modifications and bespoke compositions

Our music is perfect for creating a calm and reflective mood for film, TV, and other media projects, and it’s absolutely possible for us to modify current arrangements or lengths to fit any specific production needs. Pricing is discussed on a per project basis.

Contact us with a licensing enquiry

In addition to licensing our songs, we are also available for bespoke music composition for film and TV. More information about this is available here.


TED & IBM: Nairobi Mobility
Featuring Dwell Among Us (Instrumental)
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