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The very best of CEDM (Christian EDM)

There is probably no genre of Christian music that is growing faster than Christian Electronic Dance Music, otherwise known as CEDM. Here we have compiled some of our favourite CEDM albums at the moment, and we will surely be adding to this list over the coming months as more great Christian EDM is released…

And if there are any CEDM tracks or albums that you think should be added to this playlist, we’d love for you to let us know in the comment box at the bottom of the article!

You can either listen to all of these songs in our 3-hour Spotify playlist, The very best of CEDM, which also includes a few bonus tracks(!), or get hold of them via the links below.

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Our favourite Christian EDM albums

NEW! 1. Marshall Marshall - Lost // Found
Standout tracks: Where You Go, I Hear Your Call
Probably my favourite CEDM album of 2017, Marshall Marshall's album Lost // Found is an epic journey of powerful electronic music, definitely achieving their stated goal of 'spreading positivity and hope'
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2. Levi Whalen - Timelines
Standout tracks: Through Your Eyes, Discovery
First up is Levi Whalen's excellent 2015 release Timelines. One of our favourite albums of 2015, you should definitely listen through a few times and let the music grow on you! And for bonus listening, check out Levi's remix of our track Free!
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3. Matthew Parker - Shadowlands & Adventure
Standout tracks: Fly, Down In Flames, I Can't Imagine
Matthew Parker's critically acclaimed 2014 album Shadowlands firmly established him as one of the foremost Christian EDM producers of the moment, and his 2016 release Adventure only confirms this! Great stuff.
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NEW! 4. Built By Titan - Alpha
Standout tracks: The Darkness, Collide
Built By Titan's EP Alpha features collaborations with a number of eminent vocalists including Jonathan Thulin and Svrcina. This selection of excellent CEDM tracks comes highly recommended!
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5. David Thulin - Reconstruction
Standout tracks: Dead Come To Life, Come Back Home
Host of the weekly Reconstruction CEDM show on New Release Today, David Thulin has released a selection of albums of the same name. These albums feature remixes of popular Christian songs, as well as a few original tracks. Highly recommended!
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6. Capital Kings - Into Your Arms
Standout tracks: Into Your Arms
Into Your Arms is the latest in a string of excellent EDM releases from Capital Kings. The duo have collaborated and remixed some of the biggest Christian music artists since their self-titled debut album in 2013: and by the sounds of this track, their impressive output looks set to continue!
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7. Har Megiddo - Har Megiddo: Remixed
Standout tracks: Jesus Wins, King
This album features remixes by many of the artists in this article, and is one of our favourite 'remix' albums of the past couple of years. Har Megiddo's original music is also very much worth checking out - in fact, we have included his track 'Dawn' in our Spotify playlist!
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8. Jesus Loves Electro - Burning Love
Standout tracks: Burning Love, Our God
Compared to many producers in this selection, Norwegian group Jesus Loves Electro have put out relatively few releases, but those that are available are really worth listening to for fans of EDM! Plus, the remixes of Burning Love are excellent: we've included another bonus track in the playlist!
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Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy the music :)

posted by Ben Tatlow on July 19, 2017 in Inspiration

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