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Christian yoga music

Today more than ever, we find ourselves searching for inner peace and wellbeing, through meditation, mindfulness, and ancient practices such as yoga. In fact, in both Christian and secular groups, yoga is continuing to rise in popularity across the globe.

While the physical and mental health benefits of yoga are probably the primary reason most people practise yoga in the western world today, for Christians – to know that the music accompanying meditation or a yoga practice, comes from a place of Christian spirituality is both helpful and necessary.

Over the last few years, several people have licensed our music for use in yoga studios, and we are often given comments that our music and the playlists we create (such as our Study | Focus | Concentrate playlist…) containing other Christian artists are perfect for a home yoga practice.

So we thought it was about time to create a dedicated Christian yoga music playlist – full of instrumental ambient music, solely from Christian artists, that will refresh your heart, mind, body and soul:

Christian yoga music (Spotify playlist)
Christian yoga music (Apple Music playlist)

Other Christian ambient and instrumental music playlists & resources

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We really hope you liked the music we’ve shared – please feel free to share any other Christian yoga music suggestions you might have in the comment box below :)

posted by Ben Tatlow on January 16, 2018 in Inspiration

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