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20+ amazing Good Friday songs for worship & reflection

Alongside Easter music, finding selections of new Good Friday music is sometimes a tricky endeavour. So we’re really excited to share with you over 20 of our favourite new songs and albums for 2017, both for times of worship and times of reflection.

Do let us know in the comments section below if you have any other suggestions, or plan to use the music in any Good Friday services this year – we’d love to hear from you!

You can also listen to all of these songs on our two hour-long Spotify playlist, which also includes a few extra songs for you to enjoy!

Songs for Good Friday (Spotify)

1. Audrey Assad - Death Be Not Proud (EP)
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
A truly beautiful, reflective EP from Audrey Assad, which meditates on and explores many of the themes of Good Friday. Perfect for personal listening, and also for use in Good Friday services. Very highly recommended!
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2. Matt Maher - Abide With Me
Genre: Worship
From Matt Maher’s 2015 album Saints and Sinners, Abide With Me is a prayer for Jesus’ ongoing presence in our lives, while lyrically journeying through the message of Good Friday and Christ’s resurrection on Easter Day.
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NEW FOR 2017! 3. The Brilliance - All Is Not Lost
Genre: Alternative
There is so much depth to this latest release from The Brilliance and so much of it lends itself as the perfect accompaniment to the Easter story. Most of all, through many of the songs including the title track 'All Is Not Lost' and 'Night Has Passed / Morning Has Broken' we are reminded that Good Friday is far from the end of the story…
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4. The ZOE Group - Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross
Genre: Vocal
Just a verse and chorus of this traditional hymn, but beautifully sung a cappella, in four part harmonies by The ZOE Group. A similar message to Abide With Me, Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross is a prayer asking Jesus to keep us near to him each and every day.
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5. Ellie Holcomb - We shall always be with the Lord
Genre: Acoustic
From her EP, 'With you now', 'We shall always be with the Lord' is beautifully crafted with the simplicity of the lyrics coupled with an often sparse & gentle acoustic sound. We think this song could be used really well in any time of reflection & this comforting song offers a sense of hope & togetherness of fellowship this Good Friday.
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6. Salt Of The Sound - Surrender
Genre: Reflective / Electronic
From our most album, Echoes Of Wonder, Surrender is a reflective song that encourages us to give everything up to Jesus, allowing Him to work in our lives in new and amazing ways. 'I remember that way / It was only yesterday / And you won’t catch me going back / I surrender'. And in the playlist we've also included our cover of Jesus Keep Near The Cross, as well as a song from our most recent EP In Prayer, entitled Lamb of God.
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7. Casting Crowns - Your Love Is Extravagant
Genre: CCM
From their debut album, which is surely one of the classic Christian music albums of the past 15 years, Casting Crowns’ Your Love Is Extravagant is a beautiful song that is perfect as a music item in Good Friday services, and as a reminder of the love that Jesus showed for us by dying on the cross.
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NEW FOR 2017! 8. Rivers & Robots Presents - Still, Vol. 1
Genre: Ambient / Instrumental
We love it when bands push their own boundaries and the boundaries around them in the music scene, and we are pleased that instrumental and meditative music is becoming much more of a feature in the repertoire of many Christian artists. We really like Rivers & Robots' take on many well-known worship songs in this 16-track album, which set the perfect tone for Good Friday - especially ‘Lord Let Your Glory Fall’, ‘Revelation Song’, and ‘Be Still’.
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9. Keith & Kristyn Getty - Good Shepherd Of My Soul
Genre: Vocal
The second a cappella song in this collection, Good Shepherd Of My Soul comes from Keith & Kristyn Getty’s bluegrass-inspired album The Greengrass Session, which we only came across recently but was released back in 2014. A beautiful expression of Jesus’ faithfulness throughout our lives.
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10. Guy Penrod - The Old Rugged Cross
Genre: Country
If you are looking for some good old-fashioned country music this Good Friday, you should definitely check out Guy Penrod. His version of The Old Rugged Cross - with its close harmonies, lullaby-like lead vocal and beautiful country-style instrumentation - tells the Easter story perfectly.
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11. Chelsea Moon & Uncle Daddy - Jesus Paid It All
Genre: Folk
We’ve featured the work of Chelsea Moon & Uncle Daddy in our collection of inspiring modern hymns: this version of Jesus Paid It All, with heavy folk influences and an interesting harmonic arrangement, is certainly a unique take on a classic Good Friday song. The rest of the album is definitely work listening to as well!
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12. More Than Rubies - Live And Breathe
Genre: Acoustic
More than Rubies is the collaborative duo of singers Christa Wells and Nicole Witt, who are both talented singer/songwriters in their own right. Live And Breathe contains many great reminders to us this Good Friday; of how much we need Jesus always; of how that has been made possible through His death and resurrection; and how we should aspire to be more like Him is everything we do, live and breathe.
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13. Mike Clark Band - Holy Hands
Genre: Alternative
Proving that simplicity is often most effective, we love the haunting vocal harmonies, acoustic sounding guitars and gentle synth sounds of The Mike Clark Band's song Holy Hands. Perfect to create a worshipful, prayerful mood, allowing us to pour out our hearts this Good Friday as we remember all that He has done for us.
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BONUS. Instrumental Music for Good Friday - Christian Meditation Music
Genre: Reflective
If you are looking for Instrumental music for your church service or times of personal meditation this Good Friday, we have compiled a list of some of the best instrumental music by Christian artists.
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