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8 incredible songs about hope

Songs about hope

Hope can creep up on you when you least expect it, yet it is right there in front of you.
Hope is silent. Hope is loud.
Hope can appear at the best and worst of times.
Hope comforts. It soothes. It clings. It moves.

When you look for it where He is,
You find it – it finds you –
And you cannot lose it…
It must be hope.

Here is a beautiful & inspiring selection of our favourite songs about Hope. And if you have any personal favourite songs about Hope, please do let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article!

FREE DOWNLOAD! 1. Judah & the Lion - Back’s Against The Wall
Genre: Folk
These guys play their folk instruments beautifully ‘with fresh musicianship and powerful vocal harmonies’ to create a raw, yet tight sound. Their entire EP, including this encouraging song that reminds us to hold on to hope, is available for free download over at Noisetrade - I would take them up on this generous offer of free quality music - very generous if you ask me!
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NEW! 2. Danny Gokey - Hope In Front Of Me
Genre: Rock
The perfect pick me up - especially when you are feeling a bit deflated or need a bit of a lift. Danny Gokey sings of the hope that is right in front of us all. But what I really love about the way Danny sings this song is that you can actually hear the hope in his voice that he is singing about - he truly believes that no matter what, the best is yet to come: ‘I might be down but I'm not dead, There's better days still up ahead, Even after all I've seen, There's hope in front of me’
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3. Sara Groves - It Might Be Hope
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
‘Hope has a way of turning its face to you, just when you least expect it.’ Sara Groves reminds us that hope can come from anywhere & can often come from unexpected sources. Hope doesn’t follow rules, it often comes in the darkest of times and it is powerful.
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4. Christa Wells - This Thing Is Not Going To Break You
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Christa Wells’ album Feed your soul is musically diverse, lyrically thoughtful & thematically challenging. In this song, Christa sings of hope & comfort to a friend who is facing life’s challenges. If you are facing one of life’s storms at the moment, please listen to this - it might just be the song to fill you with hope too.
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5. Mandisa - What Scars Are For
Genre: CCM
Ok, The past has a way of reminding of what has been & it’s not always pretty- it leaves scars. but as Mandisa says, They remind me of Your faithfulness and all You brought me through / They teach me that my brokenness is something You can use / They show me where I’ve been and that I’m not there any more / That’s what scars are for. If there was ever a good song to remind us of the hope we have through grace, this is it.
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6. Casting crowns - Who Am I?
Genre: Worship
Did you know that this Casting Crowns song was released back in 2003, surely not? It’s not every song that can still be as powerful over a decade later. The song reminds us to lean on the hope we have been given to us as no matter how small we think we are, or indeed we are, God hears us when we call & stops us from falling. Why? We are His.
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7. Natalie Grant - Held
Genre: CCM
Written by Christa Wells, and inspired by people who have experienced absolute tragedy and huge loss, this song is emotionally charged from the opening lines. The power of this song comes through speaking of the hope God gives as He holds us. He loves us & gives us the ultimate hope.
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BONUS! 8. Owl City - Here's Hope
Genre: Pop
Released as a charity single for the 2012 Child Hunger Ends campaign, Adam Young aka Owl City has produced this song in his distinctive style. Let us not forget that hope works in many ways - sometimes it might be you who provides the hope other people so desperately need. If there’s hope for someone worse off than you, there’s hope for you too.
Watch now

We have struggled to find a legitimate download for this song, & have emailed numerous people about this, so for now, all we can offer you is a Youtube clip:

posted by Anita Tatlow on June 26, 2014 in Inspiration

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