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5 ways to support Christian music online

Let me start with a confession: I love independent music of all genres and styles. The amount of creativity out there just waiting to be discovered is both inspiring and humbling.

Many independent Christian artists and bands don’t make enough money from their music to cover the costs of its creation, let alone to be able to quit day their jobs and pursue music as a career. And there’s no inherent issue with this – it’s largely an inevitability of access to production tools and the development of creativity itself being widespread.

(If you’re interested in the ‘illegal downloading is killing the music industry’ debate, I highly recommend the Trichordist)

For many, the joy and fulfillment is in the creating of art, the reaction of new listeners, the connections that music can foster between strangers.

Here are five great ways you can support independent Christian music online. From personal experience, it’s a huge and meaningful creative boost to know that songs that you have written are being heard and enjoyed.

I’ve illustrated the list with examples from some of my favourite Christian artists:

1. Buy an album direct from the artist on Bandcamp
2. Leave a tip on Noistrade, or just leave your email address in return for great free music. You may also be interested in our list of the top 10 free Christian songs of 2013.
3. Recommend a band publicly on Facebook
4. Tweet encouragement to your favourite musicians (or just say Hi!)
5. Leave feedback on Soundcloud

Thank you, you’re awesome!

posted by Ben Tatlow on July 23, 2013 in Musings

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