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Insights from Christian New Media Conference 2013

Asking. Seeking. Listening. Talking. They all lead to one thing: Learning.

Learning from each other: what a great way to spend a day. Finding out what calling other people have as part of His story.

On Saturday 9th November, we went to the Christian New Media Conference in London. The conference itself was packed full of Christians eager to learn about our ever changing technology enhanced society and how the world of new media can be an asset for the church. Fascinating speakers – the difficult part was knowing which seminars to choose.

All in all, a very insightful day and for those of you who weren’t there (or even those who were), here are two key things I took away from the conference:

1) You don’t need to be an expert.

Sometimes that’s the role of other people. You may be an expert at something – you may not be – but maybe that is not your role. Word of advice I took away: if you’re not, don’t try to be. Leave it to the experts.

2) “The voice you have been given, whether chosen or not, needs to be used with careful consideration.”

Some of the wisest words I have ever considered, from Katherine Welby, aka ‘The Archbishop of Canterbury’s daughter’

I’d definitely recommend the conference as an inspiring day to explore new ways to utilise new media to the glory of God. Find out more here.

posted by Anita Tatlow on November 17, 2013 in Musings

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