Geeks Under Grace review Echoes Of Wonder

Geeks Under Grace review Echoes Of Wonder

The excellent Geeks Under Grace have reviewed Echoes Of Wonder and awarded it an awesome 8.8/10 score!

“Music that draws one closer to our Maker and instrumentals that help you unwind. Ambient/chillout fans will truly want to pick this one up, while worshipers will find some new tracks to add to their playlist.”

“For those looking for a relaxing and spiritual encounter with an ambient project, you found the right one. Even if you’re a new listener to the genre, you will find some beautiful sounds to play when you need to unwind and inspiring tracks to include in a worship playlist.”

“It’s refreshing to hear such melodic and atmospheric art such as this, where you can get completely lost in God’s presence. Whatever you listen to from Salt of The Sound, it just oozes peace.”

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posted by Ben Tatlow on November 11, 2015 in Echoes Of Wonder News

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