Anita & Ben interviewed on Christian Music Blog

Interview on Christian Music Blog

We’re excited to announce that the excellent Christian Music Blog have interviewed us about our musical journey, inspiration behind the album, and much more!

An excerpt from the interview:

CMB: How did you get started in music?

Anita: I think that both of us grew up in fairly musical families so music was around us from a young age. For me, my grandmother was a great pianist and taught me to play the piano – I always had a real interest in performing and singing and continued to pursue music at university where Ben and I met.

Ben: My first experience of music production was when I was 12 and I found that a few school computers had a cut-down version of the original Cubase, called Cubasis. I think I was hooked after about an hour of messing around with a MIDI percussion grid and a synth that sounded like a cross between a pan-pipe and falling rain. It appealed to me that this was something that my parents (being classical musicians) had no experience with: from then on I ditched the piano lessons, not the wisest idea in hindsight, and focused my energy on becoming a video-game music composer!

Read the whole interview

posted by Ben Tatlow on November 27, 2013 in Journeys News

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