Salt Of The Sound interviewed on Cross Rhythms

Interview on Cross Rhythms

Cross Rhythms, the leading online source for the latest Christian music news and reviews in the UK, have interviewed us about Journeys and how Salt Of The Sound all started…

Their music has been described as “a unique blend of meditative electronic sounds, evocative vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrical messages” which sums up the approach of Salt Of The Sound pretty well. This Wimbledon-based husband and wife duo have just released their ‘Journeys’ album. Producer and percussionist Ben Tatlow spoke about his early life and how this most inventive of groups finally came into being. He said, “Being musicians, my parents moved around a lot when I was younger – I think I lived in four or five countries before I could walk! They ended up settling in Stockholm, Sweden, attending a large international church (Immanuel) in the centre of the city. When I was 10 we relocated to the UK, where I have lived since. My family moved back to Sweden a few years later, and it was on school and university holidays in Stockholm where my faith started to become my own, rather than something inherited. I interned at Immanuel Church for a number of summers, working with both the youth ministry and the worship teams, and through the people and the experiences there my walk with Jesus began in earnest. Anita and I met at Nottingham University in 2008 – we were on the same course (music, what else!) – and it was our faith that sparked our first conversations.”

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posted by Ben Tatlow on November 11, 2013 in Journeys News

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