The inspiration behind Narrow Skies…

The inspiration behind Narrow Skies…

Narrow Skies is our latest project and we wanted to use this space to give a few insights into this latest musical venture…

What influences Narrow Skies?
Narrow Skies is inspired by nature – particularly, the Scandinavian wilderness of forests, lakes and mountains. Although we live in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, there is nothing we like more than getting outdoors to experience the ever-changing landscape of the Nordic countryside. We find inspiration in the distinct seasons of the Nordics and never tire of the wonder that can be found beyond the window pane.

Why the name?
Well, we really wanted to evoke a sense that this music is both inspired by the vastness of nature (so ‘skies’ was an obvious choice) but also to convey the impossibility of telling nature’s complete story in any one song or track. Rather, in each piece of music we create, we can only hope to reflect a tiny glimpse into the natural world around us (in other words, it is a narrow perspective).

And we also love the creative juxtaposition of ‘Narrow Skies’ and the way it makes your mind wonder and wander.

Why the new music project – with a new name?
As we were writing our Seasons project, we felt the music was really developing its own sound and we wanted to embrace that. The lyrics are abstract and evocative, in a different way to the songs we have written as Salt Of The Sound. Creating Narrow Skies as a separate project allows us to expand and grow creatively and musically whilst also maintaining the individual identities of our other music projects.

When can I hear the new music from Narrow Skies?
Our year-long debut project is entitled ‘Seasons’ and will consist of 4 EPs – one for each season – and contains songs and instrumental pieces. Our Summer EP will release on all digital platforms on 26th May and is entitled ‘Midnight Horizons’.

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And check out our debut track The River on YouTube:

posted by Ben Tatlow on April 18, 2017 in News

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