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Through The Mist “delights listeners” in JesusWired review

We’re excited to announce that JesusWired have reviewed Through The Mist and have given the EP a fantastic 8.5/10 – Here are a couple of snippets from the review:

In many ways, Anita’s lead vocals and the additional harmonies of Ben come together as a single instrument. Their ability to deliver their vocals in such a way that it acts as an equal accompaniment to the music is what makes the band unique. With lyrics mirroring the spiritual journey many of us go through, they say, “Make me wait so I may come to see you ,” this is a standout track on the EP.

A beautiful and engaging EP, Salt of the Sound’s Through The Mist is an artwork which invites you into the presence of God.


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posted by Ben Tatlow on September 27, 2014 in News Through The Mist

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