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Through The Mist is the Never For Nothing ‘Album of the month’

We’re very pleased to announce that Never for Nothing have reviewed Through The Mist and have given the album a fantastic 9/10, as well as awarding it their ‘Album of the month’! Here are a couple of snippets from the review:

I believe that these songs are perfect for intimate worship. The electronic sounds are so relaxing and, listening, I sense a great closeness to Him. The ambient phrases of ‘Even the Wind & Waves Obey Him’ take you through the mist of a journey, with the light of God appearing at the end.

The Title track and ‘I’ll Meet You Where You Are’ end the track listing, with Anita’s vocals, once again, almost hypnotically leading you into a time of meditation. With this release, I am sure that it will only enhance Ben & Anita’s reputation for providing music to encourage spiritual reflection, both in church and personally.


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posted by Ben Tatlow on September 16, 2014 in News Through The Mist

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