Listen to Waiting For The Dawn EP with an exclusive New Release Today stream!

Listen to Waiting For The Dawn EP with an exclusive New Release Today stream!

We are so excited that our Advent EP, Waiting For The Dawn, will be hitting download and streaming stores on 11th November! And we have teamed up with New Release Today to share an exclusive preview stream of the full EP with you all a week early!

Click here for the full EP stream on New Release Today! (Live between 4th November & 10th November)

We really hope you enjoy the music, and will also consider pre-ordering the EP from Bandcamp or downloading it now by subscribing!

Our aim was for this to not be ‘just another Christmas album’, and honing down the concept for this release has been a couple of years in the making! We decided to focus on ‘light’ as a central theme across the EP, not only because it is a key feature in the Christmas Story, but also as it plays a fundamental role in many Nordic Advent traditions.

Here in Sweden, light is an essential part of the season in homes across the land when dark nights can seem endless. For generations, light has been used to overcome the darkness of winter – from lights placed in the windows of houses and candles which bring their gentle glow, to the cozy fireplace – once the sole source of warmth against the bitter night air and snow storms of winter.

We hope that listening to Waiting For The Dawn captures both the spirit of the Advent season, as well as a sense of light and hope in a dark and cold world. The artwork was created by the incredibly talented Katarzyna Lesiakowska-Tofil, and we feel it encapsulates the story of the EP in a beautiful and evocative way.

Enjoy the new music and as ever, thank you for supporting and sharing our music!

posted by Ben Tatlow on November 4, 2016 in News Waiting For The Dawn

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