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Top 10 free Christian songs & albums of 2017

Free Christian music downloads

Updated for December 2017

It’s one of the pleasures of writing Christian music that listening to new Christian songs online is part and parcel of keeping up to date and staying inspired.

This is a regularly updated article of the best Christian songs (and albums) generously made available to download for free, from both established and up-and-coming Christian music artists. I’m certain they’ll become firm favourites of yours: they’re certainly on our playlist!

Oh, and there’s a great selection of highlights from the list on this Spotify playlist – have a listen while you download! (Click here to follow the playlist).

Free Christian music downloads…

(Many of the downloads below are hosted on NoiseTrade, who recently (June 2017) made a small change to their website. To download the music simply click our ‘Download’ link and then the ‘Trade Info to Listen’ button on NoiseTrade: this will take you through to the mp3 download page!)

UPDATED! 1. Salt Of The Sound - Highlights
Genre: Reflective / Ambient
Highlights is a special NoiseTrade-exclusive collection of ten tracks from Salt of the Sound releases between 2013-2016. Our songs have been described as 'evocative and beautiful' and 'like a tranquil place where you find rest'. Perfect for times of personal reflection, as calm background music, and even (or so we've been told) to study to!
Download now

2. Ellie Holcomb - Collection
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
We love Ellie Holcomb's music, having featured her in a number of previous selections, including our favourite Good Friday songs: this album is an excellent free compilation of previously released music as well as a brand new song, With You Now, from her new EP of the same name.
Download now

NEW! 3. Erik Nieder - The Narrow Sea
Genre: Folk / Ambient
We added Erik Nieder's EP The Narrow Sea to our favourite worship songs of 2016 and were surprised to see that it's all available for free via NoiseTrade! A wonderfully reflective 5-track release blending folk instrumentation with more ambient arrangements. Don't miss it!
Download now

4. Carinthia - All My Fountains Are In You (NoiseTrade Sampler)
Genre: Acoustic / Electronic
On of my personal favourite artists, Carinthia writes beautiful instrumental tracks that use both organic instruments and are carefully embellished with electronic elements. It's quite different to a lot of Christian music, and really worth checking out. Enjoy! Oh, and if you like it, have a listen to our selection of amazing Christian meditation music.
Download now

5. Audrey Assad - Good To Me
Genre: Worship
Good To Me is Audrey Assad's first single from 2013's Fortunate Fall, and it's a beautifully simple arrangement of pure vocals, piano and light instrumentation. Definitely a song that'll stick in your head - so much so that we've also featured it in our inspiring songs for Easter! Highly recommended.
Download now

NEW! 6. The Windtalkers - What And Tares / Draw Me To You
Genre: Indie
A free preview of the Windtalkers' debut album All Creation Groans, these two indie / folk / rock tunes are well worth checking out. The more reflective and worshipful Draw Me To You is a personal favourite.
Download now

7. Joe Zambon - In Lethbridge With Strings
Genre: Folk
A stunningly recorded and arranged four-track EP of previously released music from Joe Zambon. The strings truly bring the songs to life in a new way, and if you haven't heard Joe's music before, this is an excellent (and free) introduction.
Download now

NEW! 8. Heritage Hill - Out Of The Sea
Genre: Folk / Americana
The uptempo Debut EP from Heritage Hill, a band formed out of Vancouver's Westside Church. They write that their music 'will get your feet stomping and hands clapping as you praise Jesus', and that is certainly true!
Download now

9. Waken - Dwell
Genre: Indie
Following their 2014 EP Endless Light, Waken have released a new single complete in their signature indie/synth-pop/worship style which mixes ethereal sounds with more traditional drums and guitars. If you like your worship music a little dreamy and experimental, then look no further!
Download now

10. River & Robots - Collection
Genre: Indie
This is a special collection of five songs from UK-based Rivers & Robots' first two albums. It's a fantastic introduction to their unique indie/folk/electronic music: a style very far removed from your typical Christian band! The track 'Fountains' is a personal favourite, and the entire release is definitely recommended.
Download now

BONUS! 11. Narrow Skies - Midnight Horizons
Genre: Alternative / Ambient
We recently released an EP of Nordic-inspired, nature-infused, ambient dream pop as Narrow Skies. Organic soundscapes combine with electronic elements to evoke images of the natural world; from shimmering lakes to the hidden depths of the forest, and the extremes of winter’s icy grasp to the land of the midnight sun.
Download now

And some highlights from last year – still online, still free!

BONUS. Strahan - There Will Be A Day
Genre: Folk
You may have seen Strahan's entire album Posters available on Noisetrade - if not, then definitely don't miss out on his single There Will Be A Day. Mellow and reflective folk music with some truly beautiful vocal harmonies, this is an awesome track.
Download now

BONUS. Page CXVI - Hymns B Sides
Genre: Alternative
The music of Page CXVI truly is an embodiment of their mission statement, a band with the aim of 'making Hymns accessible and known again. They are some of the richest, most meaningful, and moving pieces of music ever written.' They've already release around 10 albums - this free sampler is a great introduction to their style!
Download now


BONUS. The Jellyrox - Rebel Tide (Coffee House Version)
Genre: Acoustic
This is a chilled out acoustic version of one of my favourite tracks from The Jellyrox's recent EP Embellish. While the summery Owl City-esque electro-pop sounds of the full release come highly recommended, there is something refreshing about the stripped back guitar arrangement alongside Matt Langston's strong vocal performance.
Download now

BONUS. Matt Tinsley - Water & Stone (Acoustic EP)
Genre: Alternative / Acoustic
I was introduced to Matt Tinsley's music through the CMB Podcast (well worth checking out if you are a Christian musician), and have been enjoying his guitar-led folk/alternative songs since. This laid-back live set is a wonderful accompaniment to the studio EP. I'm already looking forward to continuing to hearing more of his music!
Download now

Disagree with this selection, or got any suggestions for us? Please do leave a comment with your thoughts below – this list is updated every month and we always love hearing great new Christian music!

posted by Ben Tatlow on December 1, 2017 in Inspiration

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