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Discovering new Christian music

New Christian music

This blog post is dedicated to some of the great websites I find myself using to discover new Christian music online – both for listening and downloading.

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1. Noisetrade has a fantastic selection of (predominantly) US-based Christian music artists, all of which is available to stream and download for free. If you like the music you can tip the artists directly, which is a neat feature. And we’ve just released some cool free music onto Noisetrade – grab it here!
Christian music on Noisetrade

2. Similarly, Bandcamp has a strong Christian music base, alongside some interesting devotional music as well.
Bandcamp: Christian music

3. The Free Christian Music Blog does exactly what it promises, highlighting bands and artists from the well known to undiscovered gems.
The Free Christian Music Blog

4. Indie Vision Music is a website dedicated to sharing great Christian music, and handily features a free downloads section.
Indie Vision Music: Free downloads

5. And while it can be a little hit-and-miss, Soundcloud hosts a huge variety of Christian music ready for streaming, skipping, and downloading!
Christian music on Soundcloud

I do hope that you may find some interesting new Christian music as a result of one of these sites – there’s so much great new music out there just waiting to be heard. And if you know any sites that you think should be on the list, then please do add them to the comments below!

posted by Ben Tatlow on June 5, 2013 in Inspiration

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  • Marilyn Rondeau

    Could someone direct me to finding Children’s Christian music sounds, sheet music and lyrics? Suitable for 5-10 year old children???

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